Foreign Exchange Solutions
for Financial Institutions
World Currency USA provides financial institutions with a fully regulatory compliant, efficient, and competitive solution to providing secure and reliable FX services to their customers using straight-through processing technology. This permits the financial institution to earn significant fee income on FX services, provide more competitive pricing, improve the efficiency of their FX services, and reduce the need for customers to establish relationships with other financial institutions and / or money transfer companies to facilitate their FX needs.

World Currency USA's technology platform is used directly at participation financial institutions, and can also be offered by financial institutions directly to their commercial customers to facilitate efficient transaction of FX services between the customer and the financial institution.
Value Propositions
Earn Fee Income
Take advantage of excellent price execution, regardless of your transaction volume sizes. Your institution can create a long running annuitized revenue stream by marking up your exchange rates, earning fee income while providing significant savings to your customer.
Provide Competitive Solutions
Your institution can provide savings to your customer, maintain your customer, and earn fee income all at the same time. This allows your institution to retain a larger share of your customers' wallet and strengthens loyalty of the full relationship.
WC Finds a Solution to a Common Banking Problem
NJTC Tech News, Jul 2012
Satisfy New Compliance
Satisfy the new compliance challenges presented by the Dodd-Frank Act and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Our solution provides all of the tools to keep your institution compliant with the new consumer remittance rules.
The Good Side of Dodd-Frank: How the Law Will Benefit the Banking Industry
Emily McCormick,, Jan 2013
Enhanced Customer Retention
Directly offering foreign exchange and foreign currency transfers allows your institution to provide a more complete array of services to your customers, enhancing your value to them and reducing their need to involve other financial institutions and/or money transfer companies in their operations.
Gain New Customers
Through strategic partnerships, World Currency USA can help refer middle market import/export clients directly to your institution. This added value can be significant as this potential client base may bring additional full-service relationships well beyond foreign exchange.
Small Importers, Travel Firms Take to Hedging
Wall Street Journal, Dec 2012
Turn-Key Setup
World Currency USA assists in the creation of your foreign exchange program. This includes sales and operations training, technology support, compliance support, and extensive industry experience.
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